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Privacy Policy for PTC48

By using our website, you agree to consent to this Privacy Policy. This website may use Cookies, Web Beacons, and/or other similar types of monitoring technologies. A Cookie is a small piece of text that is stored by your web browser, and is often used to store your preferences for a specific website. A Web Beacon is a clear, very tiny image (1×1 pixel), and it helps us and our advertising partners understand how you use our site. We and our advertising partners use both of these technologies to help deliver advertisements about products and services that interest you. These technologies do not store any personal information about you, like your name, phone number, address, or email address. If you would like more information on these technologies, including how to opt out of this, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative

Privacy policy for Anonymous Ads
Anonymous Ads is anonymous in a sense that it doesn’t require entering any personal data.
We may use cookies, javascript and third party components on our main site. Some pieces of information we store can potentially be used for users’ deanonymization.
We aim to be a fully transparent business. All your input (except passwords) and statistics (including financial information) is considered public data.

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